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21 Things I did Today (Whilst doing nothing)


People without kids, and some people WITH kids, often ask what stay at home mothers do all day. Well we don’t do anything much! What on earth could we possibly do when we spend all day with toddlers?

Here’s a list of what I did while I was doing nothing today

1. Breastfed a toddler.

2. Breastfed some more. I do lots of that.

3. Mediated an argument about whether r2d2 wears clothes or not, and whether r2d2 should wear clothes at our house. (it’s ok for him to be naked, in case you were wondering)

4. Chased the gleeful dog down the street in the rain because “the gate was accidentally left open”. Accidentally, on purpose, the result of banned activities …. who knows.

5. Put muddy clothes in the wash and dried wet dog.

6. Made lunch for appreciative children who made art with portions of their lunch on the floor.

7. Cleaned up after lunch – the dog rejected vegetable curry leftovers (note to self: raw steak for lunch tomorrow)

8. Read the gripping and suspenseful novella, Run Mouse Run (in board book form)

9. Settled a paternity dispute for Luke Skywalker – sans DNA

10. Discovered more vegetable curry ground into the rug, resisted urge to shout at dog.

**11. Wiped vegetable curry off the cover of Run Mouse Run before reading it again (then took steak out of the freezer)

12. Settled dispute about Rude Smiling between Luke Skywalker and naked r2d2.

13. Changed nappy, breastfed, read Run Mouse Run.

14. Made pot of tea, and pot of hot chocolate. Cleaned up cup of spilt hot chocolate, soothed woes, poured another cup (see the reasoning behind the pot?) all whilst pondering the truth behind the expression “there’s no point crying over spilt milk”

15. Breastfed and read Run Mouse Run.

16. Asked Luke Skywalker to unstack the dishwasher.

17. Eased Luke Skywalker’s head out of the side gate where it had mysteriously become stuck. Repeated 16.

18. Oversaw 16 whilst drinking cold unsatisfying tea.

19. Changed clothes on muddy toddler. Turned naked r2d2 into Spiderman and sent him outside to collect mud.

20. Read Run Mouse Run and debated the ethics of hiding it …. or maybe burning it. (note to self: contact author to make serious complaint tomorrow). Turned muddy Spiderman back into naked r2d2, hid muddy Spiderman suit in laundry basket.

21 Put Star Wars DVD on.

And as you can see from this basic description of my lazy day at home playing with children, I really don’t do much. Now to ease my guilt I’ll tell you a few other things I did in between reading, breastfeeding and trying to get the dog to turn vegetarian.

I hung out two loads of washing and folded the clean washing (with the toddler strapped to my back). I phoned the dishwasher company to discuss the extended warranty and whether that covers digital displays. I made other phone-calls and appointments. I tidied and organised toys. I tidied the lounge room. I organised and cooked dinner for two days, and cleaned up afterwards. I ordered the grocery shopping. I cleaned the toilet and bath. I watered the seedlings in the hothouse. And let’s not forget, I read Run Mouse Run.

All whilst doing nothing because after all, that’s what stay at home mothers do, right?

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