22 Burnett Street, New Norfolk TAS 7140


Q. What is your shop about?

A. We are a plastic free, whole foods, and fine foods grocery store! 

Q. How do you make the convenience meals? 

A. They are all different, and the instructions are tied to each jar, however they are all designed around “Just add water”. See in store, or contact us for further information.

Q. Is your store gluten free?

A. Not entirely, but a large range of products are suitable for people who require gluten free foods. We do handle gluten in store, but we take allergies very seriously, so it is always handled as safely as possible. 

Q. Can we use our own containers?

A.  Absolutely! In-store you can use your own containers for our dried pantry goods.

Q. Is postage available?

A. Yes! You can order a limited number of light weight items and have them sent to your doorstep in Australia. Please note we do NOT post our meal jars in glass jars, only in Faux Plastic, which is fully home compostable. This saves you money on postage, as well as ensuring that nothing edible arrives on your doorstep with shards of glass through it.  

Q. Can we fill our own bottles with cleaning products and shampoo?

A.  We fill these bottles for you, in-store. It takes a really long time to fill each bottle because shampoo and dishwashing (etc) liquid are quite viscous, and pour very slowly. Imagine you were having a sit in protest in a large bottle of shampoo….. We’re pretty sure that’s what’s going on here. So whilst you can not fill your own bottle, you CAN return and swap a bottle for a new one, without any sitting around or protesting. 

Q. Where is your milk from? 

A.  Our milk is Ashgrove full cream milk. The tap system is The Udder Way – Tasmania’s first Milk on Tap system. 

Q. Where are your jars made?

A. Our black lidded jars are made in Australia. Our acacia lidded jars are made in the US – these jars are recycled glass and sustainably sourced acacia.