Persian Chickpea Couscous



Chickpea Couscous is, as the name suggests, couscous made from 100% chickpeas, which makes it suitable for those following a gluten free diet. The dried fruits and nuts add colour as well as flavour. . Our Persian seasoning contains rose petals and cardamom, to give it a truly authentic Persian flavour.

This meal is ready in five minutes and can be served as is, or filled with spicy meat, fresh coriander, spring onions, fresh chilli slices ….. The sky’s the limit! All you need is 180ml ml of boiling water and a dab of butter to finish.





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We use a variety of organic and pesticide free ingredients. We do NOT use anti caking agents, as the most natural one we have been able to find is sawdust with a pretty name ……

We have developed all the recipes in our convenience meal line, they are road tested on the toughest critics (our children) and each jar will serve four people.

Please note that ONLY orders for click and collect, or home delivery will be in a glass jar, unless you specifically contact us to request glass. All orders for postage will be in a home compostable “faux plastic” package. This makes postage more affordable, however you will need to either use the product within 10 weeks, or put the contents into another storage container because the home compostable bags break down quite quickly. No one wants a pile of rice and dried mushrooms in their pantry.