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Our Envirocare shampoo is an all natural and safe for use with septics and grey water. It is palm oil free, silicone free,  fully vegan and cruelty free, sulphate free, paraben free, and pH balanced. We fill the pump pack glass bottles in store so you don’t have to hang around for an hour doing it yourself (no kidding, it takes longer than a call to Centrelink). So unlike your average garden variety supermarket shampoo, you actually get a decent size bottle (500ml) you get NO SINGLE USE PLASTIC, and you don’t get dandruff. That’s enough to make you sing in the shower!


This product is one of our Swap and Go range, so when you’re done, you can return the bottle and grab a re-fill at re-fill price. This is available through our home delivery,mclick and collect, and in store shopping.

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